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I need to sell art and I need to sell art fast. I need money. ASAP.

I need to buy my ticket for The Used on May 21st, but, as it so fucking happens, because I didn’t buy it soon enough, they’re sold out. So.. I guess unless someone is selling on tumblr, without bullshit extra fees, I need to spend $50 base price for a ticket (that was originally $43 or so with fees), and then an extra $25+ for fees from a ticket broker website. I don’t really have this money. Getting enough for this one show was difficult. I’d have some money from google advertisements but they don’t send checks until a month after the month in which I’ve earned the money has ended. If that makes sense.

And my best friend is going, it’s her first concert, I’m supposed to go with her, she has her ticket already. I need to be there. We have plans.. and this sucks.

I’m furious but mostly at myself. Because I didn’t get it fast enough because I kept having to buy art supplies/food instead of the ticket but yknow. Art school sucks.

So please, if anyone wants to buy art, and can get it to me through paypal, or if anyone is selling a ticket for The Used on May 21st, at Irving Plaza in NYC, or knows someone that is, please please please tell me. It’s really important to me, it seems so petty because it’s “just a concert” but I’ve been wanting to see this band for so long. I feel shitty asking for help. But I really need it. And I’d be really fucking grateful to anyone that could help me out.


could someone who has decent amounts of followers please reblog this so maybe i can buy a ticket off of someone on tumblr instead of having to pay out the ass on stubhub/ticketsnow/other ticket broker websites ;_______;

Reblogging to help a friend. Go Buy her art. She’s awesome!

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hey if you're going to unfollow this blog at least follow my new one 

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hey if you're going to unfollow this blog at least follow my new one 

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i think i finished following everyone i wanted to but i may have forgotten some so just go follow me!!~ 

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Edward’s reactions to Bella’s skimpy nightgowns

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I may remake.


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What is with people writing on paint swatches.

Is it the new ~in~ thing to do?

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Giving Up || Ten Second Epic

Tonight could we pretend the stars defend us from the morning light?

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